You understand two things from listening to the Radio Interview in the link below; (1) Michele Bachmann is an intelligent person (2) Michele Bachmann might be a fucking crazy person.

In short, Michele Bachmann is suggesting we are near end times….AGAIN. In this episode, she claims Russia, Iran and China are secretly plotting to take over Israel and that the Devil himself, AKA Barack HUSSEIN Obama, will become UN Secretary General, take over the world and announce himself KING OF THE (NO LONGER) FREE WORLD! I am paraphrasing, but if you got something else out of the interview, please indulge me.

Whenever I hear scientists, PhD s and well educated people join the ISIS fight, I am always amazed and wonder, how can these very smart people be so goddamn crazy. My next thought is, well at least this sort of delusion does not happen at any relevant stage in the US… we are better than that.

But then like clockwork, Michelle Bachmann does a radio interview and we are reminded that very smart religious extremists exist in America too, and at least one of them is in the United States Congress.

From an ideology standpoint, Michele Bachmann is as crazy as ISIS, she is obviously not as violent, but every bit as batshit crazy. I mean, it sounded to me like she was implying that Obama is the Anti-Christ, a UNITED STATES CONGRESSMAN ACTUALLY THINKS THAT. She repeatedly referenced passages from the bible about citing ‘End Times’. I will tell you who else cites End Times, ISIS. What is even scarier is there are probably thousands of Americans (hundreds of thousands maybe) who think just like her. GOD HELP US ALLl!!!! #punintended

– El Chapo